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A web development and design manager, an analytics and data marketing professional, a web developer, a writer, an IT manager and a product manager founded

We use remote access software. We travel. We work like dogs. And we have a bad attitude toward stuff that is fluff or doesn’t work like promised.

The remote access industry is dynamic and competitive. The top apps often target consumers and businesses, small businesses and enterprises, and different divisions within the IT industry. Reviews and marketing can get confusing for people who don’t have a lot of time but need something to work immediately for their individual situation (there’s a big difference in requirements between a student in a cafe and an IT support team).

We also believe this type of software will be evolving rapidly as the “internet of things” becomes more of a reality. These companies and their software seem like a logical link between the physical and virtual since their platforms and interfaces are already highly capable and intuitive.

We look forward to sharing our thoughts and insights into remote access software applications and solutions, and hope you find to be useful and helpful.

Yours, the AMT Team!

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