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Even Works in the Produce Section! Parallels Access - iPhone and iMac User Review

October 16, 2014

I’ve worked as a product marketing manager for several years now and love my job. Even though I don’t deal directly with clients, I do have to report to my account manager and have our project files available at all

I did all this while standing in the produce section!
times even if I’m out to dinner with my family. Had I not heard about Parallels Access, having the files readily available would not have been as easy. In fact, this program has helped me out several times when I was out of the office.

With Parallels, I can easily access my files on my office or home Mac computer with my iPhone. Last week, I was grocery shopping with my wife when my boss called me and said he needed a few files to show a client. However, those files were on my Mac computer at home. I just tapped the Parallels icon on my phone, accessed my computer at home, navigated to the files and sent them to my boss. I did all this while standing in the produce section. If my computer wasn’t on at home, that would have been a problem. So, that’s the only negative I could say about this app. Otherwise, it works as intended.