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GoToMyPC - Ready When Inspiration Happens

September 18, 2014

I typically work on the go. As an artist and illustrator, I have to take advantage of inspiration wherever I can find it, and my clients are all over the place. While I can usually carry my Macbook Pro and my iPhone along with me from one meeting to the next, it wasn’t as easy to keep my files close at hand. Adobe documents

This app does what it promises, and it seems fairly stable
are huge, and I’d prefer not to move the external hard drives I keep in my home office if I can avoid it.

GoToMyPC provided a pretty good solution to these problems. I like the fact that I can use it seamlessly with both my Macbook and my iPhone; my files are easy to access, and I didn’t have to relearn the application for each device, which was good. It’s also cool that I can invite clients to view shared projects, like proofs and drafts.

I think I would like GoToMyPC more if I could enter keyboard shortcuts from my phone, but I honestly don’t expect any application to account for the hundreds of commands in Photoshop and Illustrator. Overall, this app does what it promises, and it seems fairly stable.