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"I Was Floored" by Splashtop Says iPhone User

August 19, 2014

I work in sales and use an Asus Transformer as my primary system for handling my business. I also use an iPhone and carry it with me wherever I go. I really didn’t need a remote access program and didn’t even know

It sure does extend my desktop on the go
what it was until I saw a sales acquaintance of mine using it. I liked the name Splashtop and asked him how it helped him. After a few demonstrations, I was floored and thought I’d try it myself.

I like Splashtop so far. In fact, I use Splashtop on my iPhone more than I use my Transformer. I have another PC at home, so I put Splashtop on every device I have so that I can access them all no matter where I’m at. Now, I just log in to my computer at home using my iPhone and my Asus when I need something. I don’t think using Splashtop on my phone is as responsive as using the actual computer, but it sure does extend my desktop on the go.

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