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LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes: Parallels Access vs. TeamViewer

November 23, 2014

Among the many uses for remotely accessing your home desktop, an all-too often unmentioned use would be of course when you find yourself in need of accessing a favorite game. We have reviewed using different applications on this site previously for specific work purposes, but, one might wonder, is it possible to enjoy your gaming experience remotely using various access mobile apps?

To compare the user experience, we have used Parallels Access and TeamViewer to review both the graphics and player mode of a game residing on a home or work computer. Parallels Access, which has a pretty straightforward installation on both computer and mobile devices, ran gaming graphics with very little lag. Teamviewer’s installation was also pretty simple for a novice user. Degradation of the graphics would be dependent on the type of computer and mobile device one chooses to use. Any motion lag would of course also depend on the user network connection, but if you are a gamer, you most likely are the type of person who also sees the importance of having high bandwidth on your network. 

iPad Graphics
The gamer experience took a sharp downfall with actual gameplay.
The gamer experience took a sharp downfall with actual gameplay. Computer gaming that requires the use of a keyboard, such as the LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes game displayed below, suffer extremely from loss of screen real estate and interaction. Running any games that allowed for a touch mode, where motion can be controlled by a trackpad on a Mac and then emulated on a touchscreen mobile device, could possibly run better, but having a full understanding of how those games preferences are set up is necessary. Game use on an iPad was moderate, but lacking necessary keyboard use for games on an iPhone make them nearly impossible to play. 

iPhone - Parallels Access

Overall, if a game is setup to be run with the necessary preferences, Parallels Access far and away was the easier and faster way to run and view a game from a mobile location. TeamViewer seemed to not have the structure necessary to run that type of application in a way any serious gamer would or could appreciate.  

Test Platform

Macbook Pro Retina 2.8 GHz i7 Intel Core, Intel Iris 1536 MB Graphics Card
iPhone 5S, iOS 8.1
iPad 2, iOS 8.1.1