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Lock 'n' Go - Financial Pro Loves Parallels Access

November 04, 2014

I work in finance and often need to access files on my computer when I’m not in the office or at home. In the past, I had to carry my laptop with me or go back home or the office to get the files off my computer. Thanks to Parallels Access, I don’t have to do any of that. Using just my iPhone, I can access my home and office computers, view and download files, make changes and email the files to clients.

I couldn’t imagine working on the go without this amazing program
In addition, because I have Parallels Access for business, I get 24-7 support even though I haven’t needed it.

Besides giving me access to my office and home computers from my mobile device, it lets me do other things, such as remote accessing my client’s computers when they have trouble with something. Of course, they need the application on their computers, but Parallels doesn’t cost much at all and comes in handy for business tasks. Even though I use Parallels on my iPhone, it’s easy to click links, copy and paste, and drag pictures and files thanks to its Lock ‘n’ Go feature. I couldn’t imagine working on the go without this amazing program.