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Parallels Access Has Been Very Handy for School and at My Part-time Job

October 06, 2014

After using Parallels Access for sometime, I thought I’d say a few words for those who may want to try it or haven’t heard of it. As a first-year college student, I’m always busy with school work. When I’m not at school, I’m working part-time at an off-campus store. Even then, I sneak in my Mac computer to catch up on homework. When I have some free time, I’m chatting with my parents or my friends back home using my iPhone.

I just leave my Mac at home and access my files from my iPhone

Parallels has saved me quite a few times when I didn’t have my computer with me. Not only can I use it to log into my computer with my iPhone, but I can also use it to connect to my parent’s computer when they need help with something. It’s easy to install and opens with a single tap. When I’m at work now, I just leave my Mac at home and access my files from my iPhone. When I forgot to print out my finished school assignment, I used Parallels Access to show my professor in class that I completed the work. If you’re on a Mac, an iPad or an iPhone, Parallels Access is something you must have.