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Parallels Access - iPad User Extends Desktop Anywhere

October 20, 2014

Working in sales has given me the freedom to travel and meet a variety of different people. Over the years, technology has advanced so much that I can easily keep in touch with those clients at a moment’s notice and extend my company’s brand without the need to leave my house. However, when I do travel, I need to carry my laptop with me, which is sometimes more hassle than it’s worth.

This app extends my desktop to anywhere I am
When I heard about Parallels Access, I thought I’d give it a try and see if it would help.

I installed Parallels Access on my PC computer and my new iPad, which I now take with me almost everywhere I go. Installation is easy, and starting the application only takes a single tap. With Parallels running on my home computer, I can access any file just by using my iPad. Basically, I get full access to all my documents, browsers, pictures and even music and video files. I use Parallels all the time on the road and even at my house when I’m in the bedroom and want to access my desktop in the den.