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Parallels Access vs. LogMeIn: Parallels is "Fluid, Easy and Fun"

November 11, 2014

logmein-android-samsungs4-windows8-wordLogMeIn for Android remote access to Windows 8 using Word

With people on-the-go all the time in the 21st century, remote accessing a computer is a necessary tool in any businessperson’s arsenal. There are two leading products for accessing one’s desktop from a mobile device: Parallels Access and LogMeIn. Both of these products strive to achieve the same goals, but one of them succeeds at a higher level. For purposes of this comparison, the mobile device in question is a Samsung Galaxy Tab III running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and the computer is a Gateway DX4380 with a 3.4 GHz, quad-core processor running Windows 8.1.

Parallels Access make increasing one’s productivity is fluid, easy and fun.
LogMeIn is the older of the two applications and dates from 2003. Its intuitive interface is fairly easy to navigate. The software allows users to save multiple computers and access whichever one they need. LogMeIn provides two modes: file manager and remote control. To access a document remotely, select remote control and use single taps and double taps to simulate the applicable mouse clicks and navigate through the MS Word program menus. Use the onscreen keyboard to enter text. When done, use the file manager feature to transfer files back and forth. LogMeIn has a distinctive “step one, step two” feel to it.

Parallels Access for Android remote access to Windows 8 using Word

Parallels Access, however, segues seamlessly from an Android feel in the initial screens to a much more PC-like interface through what’s known as “applification.” The best part is that all applications, computer or mobile, while they look like PC functions, perform like mobile apps. All one must do is use gestures and other mobile device techniques that are familiar to all tech-savvy users. From tapping the three dots to open the first menu to running multiple pages or documents in Word at once, which are accessible through simple gestures and check-box clicks, increasing one’s productivity is fluid, easy and fun.

Both applications do what you want them to; Parallels Access, however, does it with flair.