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Salesman "Fired Up" About Ease of GoToMyPC

October 07, 2014

I work in traveling sales and spend most of my time on the road. Carrying my Toshiba laptop with me helps a lot when I need to access my files and check inventory items. Although I love the computer, it weighs me down, and I don’t have access to Wi-Fi everywhere I go. Therefore, I needed another method for accessing all

I just fire up this application on my phone and get to work
my files without having to carry a laptop with me. I heard about GoToMyPC from a business friend and thought I’d try it.

GoToMyPC does a few things right. It lets me keep my laptop at home and use my HTC One full-time for everything. After the app starts up, it presents my desktop computer right on my phone. It doesn’t take a lot of time configuring the app and works like it should after the initial setup. Whenever I need to look at something on my laptop, I just fire up this application on my phone and get to work. The app starts up most of the time on the first try, but I have had times where it didn’t. However, it works well enough that I bought it, and it combines my laptop and phone in one.