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Splashtop - Some "Lag" for this iPhone and iMac User

September 02, 2014

I normally don’t mess with remote access programs since I’ve heard the latency isn’t as good as it should be. However, I needed an application to remotely access my client’s computer and help him with his website. I work as a website optimization specialist and use an iMac at home and an iPhone wherever I go. After looking

I do wish for zero latency one day
at a few different remote access programs, I chose Splashtop because of its presentation and user base.

Installing Splashtop was easy enough, and it works pretty good for what it advertises. While it has low latency, I did notice some lag here and there but nothing that frustrated me. I chose the optional Anywhere Access Pack because I travel a lot and wanted to access my desktop wherever I go. I like Splashtop because it lets me extend my desktop to my iPhone. When I’m not using it to optimize websites, I sometimes stream one of my desktop games. Splashtop works nicely, but I do wish for zero latency one day.