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Tastes Great On The Go: Banquet Manager Relies On GoToMyPC

September 23, 2014

As a banquet manager, I stay busy handling banquets for wedding receptions, corporate events, conferences and the occasional reunion. I spend a majority of my time going back and forth to hotels, resorts and dedicated banquet halls and often need a way to access files on my Dell Inspiron at home. Because I have an iPad, I used to upload those files to an online account and just download them to my mobile device. Now, I use GoToMyPC, and it’s made a difference.

I’m not tech savvy and didn’t know what remote access meant until I saw a few previews of this application. After trying it for free, I found that it beat the way I used to share files from my PC to my mobile device. With GoToMyPC, I can access my desktop just as if I had it with me. I can work on my files, email them to clients and stay productive on the go without carrying a desktop in my pocket. The only downside is that it sometimes doesn’t connect on the first try. Other than that, I’m happy with it so far.