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Consumer Ratings and Feedback

In addition to reviewing remote access apps in-house, we scour the web for good information and insights on the software we review. In all honesty, sometimes the consumer reviews are a little skewed to inexpensive, popular or free software rather than what’s really best. For example, TeamViewer, currently our #2 app, is overall an excellent choice – and its consumer version is free – we aren’t happy with some of its properties. However, because it has a great free version it is much more popular than our #1 pick (Parallels Access). So, “popular” does not mean “best” in our experience.

However, a lot of users take the time and have the knowledge to give extremely useful reviews and insights. If you have thoughts about any of the remote access apps we review, we welcome your thoughts. Please email us at

Here’s what we’d love to know:

1. What you use remote access apps for.

2. Which remote access app you’re using.

3. What devices you’re using (iPhone, Android phone, Galaxy S3, Windows PC, Dell, Toshiba, Mac, etc.).

4. How good or bad is your experience?

5. Are you happy with its overall performance and features?

6. Do you have any particular thoughts or insights, or wishes for the app you’re using?

We very much hope to hear from you!