Find the best remote access solution for you!


Remote access applications are a handy way of adding mobility to your life and work. And we like getting the most bang for our buck, probably just like you do. So, we created this site to give you our insights so you can make a solid informed choice about which remote PC software to use in your unique situation.

Here’s how we judge the remote access applications.

Performance, Compatibility and Security

Is it consistently fast and accurate? Does it work on all the devices and software it says it does or that you require? Is it secure, reliable and trustworthy? These criteria are not always obvious or easy to determine, so we try to give you information that you wouldn’t be able to get yourself.

Interface and Usability

Does the interface make it easy to work on small smartphone screens? Is it easy to install and obvious how it works? Remote access software should make your life easier, not more complicated. We want to be sure you get the application that is right for you.

Control and Sharing Tools

Is it easy to manage the software itself? Can you control and access multiple devices easily and add more if necessary? Some people are IT professionals and others find themselves playing IT for their office and family. For your situation, the particulars of the software can either make your life a breeze or a drag.


Is the remote access software worth the time it takes to install and setup? Is the price a good deal based on the features and quality you get? We try to balance performance, features, quality and budget so you can make the right choice.

No software is perfect, and one application may be more appropriate than another in a particular set of circumstances, for particular devices, or uses. Also, they often change. This is a competitive, dynamic industry so users are getting more value and functionality. But with that functionality can often come confusion making it difficult to make an efficient choice. We hope we can help you make the best choice for remote access application software.