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GoToMyPC Review

8.7Performance, Compatibility & Security
7.3Interface & Usability
9.3Control & Sharing Tools
8.4Overall Rating
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Those seeking the freedom of remotely accessing their home computer from a mobile device or any other computer with an Internet connection can easily do so with GoToMyPC software. It lets you work anywhere to use programs like the Adobe suite and also write emails, edit invoices, access your home computer's control panel, invite guests for desktop sharing, access and print all files from your computer remotely—plus, you can remotely turn off your computer at home when you're done.

GoToMyPC software works with the following mobile devices:

  • iPads
  • Windows mobile phones
  • iPhones
  • Android phones
  • Kindle Fire e-book readers

GoToMyPC software works with the following computer and mobile-operating systems:

  • All Macintosh systems
  • All Windows systems
  • Android systems including "Fire OS" for Kindle Fire

Who will love using GoToMyPC?

Those traveling on business often need to access files from their computer while out of the office, and this software easily allows them to do just that from their phones and other handheld devices. Any mobile device with Wi-Fi can do the same using this device at a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Since sharing files is often not enough, working from home is also possible to help meet deadlines since you can access many programs on your computer remotely too. Freelance programmers, web designers, photographers and writers also have more freedom with GoToMyPC software to work from any location and network more effectively with clients on complex projects that require detailed feedback from multiple people.

What are GoToMyPC's pros and cons?

Overall, its interface is intuitively simple and allows the user options to improve program lags through settings to alter the screen resolution and sound. Because of the high data compression, streaming video from a remote computer is not flawless, but it's better than many other remote-access software programs. GoToMyPC distinguishes itself from competitors by allowing you to copy and paste between a device and the host computer, and the chat function works in real time with desktop sharing for easy tutorials and web meetings. GoToMyPC's high level of compatibility with a wide variety of mobile devices is one of its major advantages; plus, both the host computer and remote-access device have protection from hackers with passwords, transfers with data encryption, special authentication procedures, host-screen blanking, IP-address filters and extra layers of SSL security that don't store your access codes. You do, however, have to reboot your computer after install.

How does GoToMyPC compare with other remote-access programs?

Although they have similar features, what really sets GoToMyPC software apart from LogMeIn is, in our opinion, a better user experience and security. While Parallels Access software offers more user-friendly display options, it limits the remote connection to only one computer and is less friendly for sharing files with multiple sources. Then you have Splashtop, which has fast connections for streaming video and music from your computer; however, it doesn't offer remote printing features, and it has difficulties in making file transfers.

Additionally, GoToMyPC supports viewing the complete display of your host computer even if it uses multiple monitors. To conclude, the useful combination of all the above features makes GoToMyPC a valuable software for anyone who needs office-style functionality on the go.