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LogMeIn Review

9Performance, Compatibility & Security
8.6Interface & Usability
8.8Control & Sharing Tools
8.2Overall Rating
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If you need a popular solution for accessing a computer remotely and don't require the bells and whistles offered in more expensive remote desktop solutions, LogMeIn might be exactly what you're looking for. Upon connecting to a remote computer, LogMeIn instantly displays the computer's desktop on your screen—even if that means scaling it down to the relatively minute size of a mobile phone display. LogMeIn also has premium features available for those willing to upgrade to paid accounts.

Products and Platforms

LogMeIn only offers premium products after shutting down its LogMeIn Free product in early 2014. However, every product has a free trial available. In addition, LogMeIn also has other products tailored to solve more specialized problems. Rescue, for example, helps system administrators provide remote support services for computers and mobile devices. AppGuru assists with the deployment and management of cloud-based software. LogMeIn Pro allows you to control a PC or Mac from any device with a web browser such as another computer or a mobile device running iOS or Android.

LogMeIn works with the following mobile devices:

  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Android devices
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • BlackBerry devices (LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile only)

LogMeIn works with the following operating systems:

  • Android 2.3 and newer
  • iOS 5.1 and newer
  • Windows 7 and newer (Windows RT not supported)
  • Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 and newer
  • BlackBerry OS 4.2.2 and newer


Although LogMeIn has a very spartan interface, the pro version of the software has all of the basic functions that you'd expect from a premium remote desktop solution. In addition to giving you full control over a remote computer, LogMeIn allows for fast file transfers between devices and lets you print remote files on a local printer. You can even use LogMeIn to wake a remote computer placed in standby mode and hear the remote computer's audio output through the connected device. LogMeIn has mobile apps available for Android, iOS and the Amazon Kindle.

LogMeIn secures its connections using OpenSSL, an open-source security solution. It is compatible with virtually any web browser due to its ability to "fall back" to a simpler interface when the modern interface fails to load. If you access a remote computer via LogMeIn on a computer without the LogMeIn software installed, you can still use LogMeIn over a Java-based connection. If the Java Runtime Environment is not installed, you can still interface with the remote computer by clicking still screenshots. The LogMeIn protocol is proprietary, however, and doesn't work with other remote desktop software.

On the negative side, we experienced the second highest lag time of all the remote apps tested. Additionally, the interface for the Android smartphone was very awkward - the mouse feature will be loved by some and hated by others.

The Bottom Line

We found the install and basic functionality to be solid and easy to use. LogMeIn may be perfect for you if you want total control over your home or work computer from a remote device and don't want the interface to get in the way. With its svelte interface and speedy response, LogMeIn behaves like a professional software product at a much lower cost. However, we did have some issues with lag and the user interface for Android smart phones.